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    In the Field

    In times of large-scale military operations and in times of war,United for Israel’s soldiers  re-organizes its operations to be able to give swift and special aid to the IDF’s fighting forces in the field.

    In strict co-ordination and timing with the IDF, Libi activates special fund-raising missions for the needs of the IDF soldiers in the field, turning for donations to the Israeli public, to Friends of Libi and Jewish communities all over the world;

    donations are requested for warm clothing, blankets, and other winter wear, snack foods, coffee packs, hygiene packs, toiletries, etc.

    In Operation Protective Edge in 2014, donations of an unprecedented volume were raised for the IDF soldiers;

    200,000 underwear kits, 150,000 towels, 300,000 candies packages, 170,000 hygiene and toiletries kits for men, and 50,000 hygiene and toiletries kits for women.

    After the military operation ended, United for Israel’s soldiers  organized an evening of tribute to the IDF soldiers, with the participation of well-known singers and artists. This gala event was held with the support of the commercial enterprise of Rami Levi Marketing and that of the city of Ramat -Gan.

    In addition, a tribute to our soldiers was held at Arena, Jerusalem, with the participation of thousands of soldiers who had fought in Operation Protective Edge.

    In Operation Cast Lead in 2007/8, United for Israel’s soldiers  raised donations totaling about NIS 4,000,000; the various items collected and purchased were given to the soldiers during the actual fighting and helped them tremendously.

    Items distributed to the soldiers included – 6,000 hygiene kits, 2,200 coffee kits, 11,000 clothing items, 150 gift packs to wounded soldiers in hospitals, and thousands of packets of candies, novels, travel books and games.

    United for Israel’s soldiers  also donated life-saving medical equipment to the IDF Medical Corps –100 “shockman” for resuscitation, 4 portable field breathing apparatus, special bandages “ combat gauze”, 2 portable blood refrigerators, 100 “ Amibo” hand-operated , breathing masks, and 100 heating blankets against hypothermia in the field.