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    LIBI France

    Mrs. Gladys Tibi







    American Friends Of Libi

    Dr. John Grossman



    LIBI Mexico

    Mrs. Claude Behar




    LIBI Argentina

    Mr. Ricardo Shweika


    South Africa

    LIBI South Africa

    Rabbi Hazdan



    Canadian Friends Of LIBI

    Mr. Ralf Ben Atar





    Jewish communities all over the world follow current events in Israel continuously with great concern, and pray for the safety of its people, for the IDF soldiers and Israel’s security personnel, who stand on guard to protect the security of the State of Israel.

    Despite the fact that most Jewish communities in the Diaspora live physically far away from the borders of the State of Israel, the majority of the Jewish people abroad have very warm and close feelings for Israel, and in particular for the soldiers of the IDF, and strive to make the difficult task of the IDF soldiers in the defense of Israel a little more comfortable, wherever possible.

    The United for Israel’s soldiers  enables Jews in the Diaspora to take part in this challenging enterprise by raising  donations for the Israeli army earmarked for the welfare of the IDF soldiers, for the sponsoring of specific army units, for educational and Jewish heritage projects, thereby linking and strengthening the bond between the Jewish communities and our soldiers.

    For this purpose, associations of Friends of United for Israel’s soldiers  were established in 5 continents –

     Israel,  Argentina,  Canada,  France,  South Africa, and the USA

    These non-profit associations, run by devoted and caring volunteers, raise funds regularly, and especially in times of crisis for the benefit of the soldiers of the IDF.

    In addition they hold annual gala fund-raising events, with the participation of IDF soldiers, who come from Israel to meet the concerned and loyal supporters of Israel and the IDF, to thank them in person and salute them for their much-appreciated aid.