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    Welfare Projects

    One of the most important aims of United for Israel’s soldiers  is to help the IDF soldiers with social-welfare support programs, both when on base, as well as when off-duty.

    United for Israel’s soldiers strengthens the IDF by helping to make the army service of the individual soldier more pleasant and comfortable and with a fewer personal worries.

    Welfare projects include the establishment of buildings and infrastructures at army bases and at army border outposts, with –

    social club rooms, relaxation corners, sports and training fields, exercise rooms, cinemas, auditoriums, synagogues and heritage centers, making army service a bit more pleasant and comfortable;

     all of which contribute to improve the overall performance of soldiers in carrying out their military training, routine army duties and functions, and help to break the daily grind of army life and its continuous tensions and demands.


    United for Israel’s soldiers also helps to organize social events, barbecue evenings, fun days, together with individual gifts of thermal clothing, backpacks, hygiene packs, coffee kits, candies, etc.