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     Building and Infrastructure Projects

    The building and infrastructure projects carried out byUnited for Israel’s soldiers  on army bases all over the country have a two-fold positive affect; the renovation and upgrading of existing buildings resulting in the improvement of welfare infrastructure facilities for the soldiers.

    The United for Israel’s soldiers  carries out yearly many building and infrastructure projects of various financial amounts, among them –

    Recreation centers for soldiers, social club rooms, sports fields, exercise rooms, auditoriums, synagogues, memorial rooms, swimming pools, cinema halls, and many other projects for army units all over the country.

    These projects carried out on army bases improve considerably the quality of daily life of the soldier and serve and will continue to serve future generations of thousands of soldiers;

    The financing of these projects carried out by United for Israel’s soldiers  is given with much love, concern and support mainly by the FIDF -USA, the Organization of Friends of the IDF in the USA and Panama.

    The projects are designed and equipped in such a way to give the soldiers a feeling of “ Home and of Welcome”.

     The casting together of “steel and cement” expresses and indicates in a concrete way our longstanding love for our soldiers;

    a few select projects are detailed below.